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Most of the Battle Tag rookies out there probably use the same tactics: they get the star and try to camp somewhere they can easily see their opponent coming and when they do, they just drive away heading to the next camp spot. This is infact a way to win but... These people are no match for good Battle Tag players. Skilled drivers know how to sneak up on them. They know every spot in the level. They can land right on top of them after having precisely estimated their position.

Keep driving:
My advise is: keep moving your car. But do not constantly drive in the same circles. Remember that people estimate where you are so they can easily bumb into you. Driving the same circles makes that estimation easier. So what you can do is just turn around once in a while. This will confuse your opponent.

Use your rearviewmirror:
This brings me to another thing you really need in Battle Tag: your rearviewmirror. You can use it to see what is happening behind you. The rearviewmirror is activated by the "F2" button. If you don't have a good view of what is happening behind you, you can't just turn around to trick your opponents because they might be behind you.

Control your Toyeca:
Another thing you need is a good control over your car. So don't start using a Cheat car because they often suck. Their speed might be good but the handling is often terrible. I advise a Toyeca for all of you. Learn to keep your speed as fast as possible. Try to steer as tight as possible. A lot of people don't know this but when you have the star, your top speed is actually less than your opponents. So you need a good control over your car in order to shake your opponents

Know your jumps:
Battle Tag has the option to jump with your car. This can be done by the "Reposition" button. There are all sorts of jumps you can perform. Jumps are explained in the "Jumps" section.

Get the star:
A track has limited places of where the star could be found. It is smart to know where all those possible places are. Learn them so you'll be able to get the star faster than your opponents. The following links will tell where they are:

  • Garden

    • Market

  • Museum

  • Watch and Learn:
    Once you have finished in a game of tag you can watch the rest of your opponents who are still playing. Press "F3" to view your opponents drive. With "F4" you can toggle through all the players. You can watch how others play and maybe you can learn something from that.