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Since so many people have asked me how to make these really cool high jumps in Battle Tag, I finally decided to put in a section about this topic. If you have read this section I hope you can jump over the high walls in the Neighborhood real soon and maybe find some jumps I even haven't thought off yet. First I will explain the double-jumps and after that the wall-jumps and the weapon-jumps since you need the double jump to make a good wall-jump or weapon-jump.

But before I start explaining these jumps, I have to say that not every keyboard can make a weapon-jump because some keyboards malfunction when two buttons are pressed at the same time. How it works with other controllers, I don't know. And make sure that your keyboard settings are configured to use the "jump" and "fire" at the same time without hurting your finger muscles. Here are my keyboard controller settings for Re-Volt:

Accelerate : N
Brake/Reverse : M
Turn left : Left-Arrow
Turn right : Right-Arrow
Fire weapon : B
Flip : V
Reposition/Jump : Up-arrow
Horn : Down-arrow

Double-Jumps :
You can make a double-jump by pressing the jump button (reposition in race) twice (or more). You should do this real fast, otherwise you will only perform a normal jump. You can recognize a double-jump by the extra boots your car gets in the air. And you have to know that the height you gain in air depends on the speed of your car. Also ramps help you to jump higher.

With these jumps you can jump over the small walls in the Neighborhood and you can even get on the edge of the freezer in the Supermarket but that takes a lot of practice.

Wall jumps can be performed by driving to a wall and when you almost hit the wall, you press the jump button a couple of times. This way you gain more height than with a normal double jump. This is explained by the fact that a wall is almost like a road. This means that a wall can be used as a base to perform your jumps on (just like a road).

Weapon-Jumps :
These jumps are really cool and you will be amazed by the height you can gain with this trick. The idea is that you use your weapon as a new ground basis for your car in the air. If you are doing a jump (normal or double) and in the air you press "fire" and "jump" at the same time, you will see that your car gets an extra boots into the air. But remember that weapon-jumps can only be performed with rockets, iron balls and water balloons and when driving backwards you can even use the thunderbolts. The best way to practice these jumps is to get 3 rockets. Just perform a double jump and after that use "jump" and "fire" to get higher. Make sure you time your rockets on the third time you press the "jump" button and then just keep hitting both buttons until your rockets are gone (although someone told me that it was actually "jump, jump, fire, jump, jump, fire, etc. very very fast and he is probably right).

If you control these wall-jumps and weapon-jumps, you will be able to jump over the high walls in the Neighborhood from the ground and make all sort of other cool big jumps. But remember that it takes a lot of practice to do these jumps.

Check out the Screenshot section to see some really nice pictures of freaking high jumps :)